What a long strange trip it has been. I am officially quitting the t-shirt business. It was fun, new, exciting, and worth every penny. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time and money to commit 200% to the business. I told myself if I couldn’t put my all in it, I wouldn’t thrive. That is exactly what happened. 

Both life and work got in my way. Not in a bad way though. I recently picked up odd and end jobs doing graphic work. It then turned more into a weekly (almost daily) thing. That, plus my 40 hours, plus my loving wife, and my fur baby, It became hard to find time to invest into LabCandy. Not that I didn’t want to; I have 100’s of pages of sketches and ideas. It just takes a lot of dedication and money to keep everything going, and at this point in my life, I am unable to.

What now? Well, I am enjoying the graphic work that has been keeping me so busy lately. And, you MUST love what you do. So, I will continue to do graphics, and hopefully land a full time job that I love. I plan on opening a new personal blog/persona, and I will continue to update it with things I love, such as street wear, games, movies, tv shows, and anything else I find interesting. So stay tuned, and keep an eye out, cause I am not falling off the face of earth, I am just looking to do some different things. 

If anyone has any questions about the business, life, or anything else cool, email me merlclick@gmail.com

And thanks to everyone who supported me! It really very rewarding to have fans, meet new people, and offer something unique!